With affordable Internet solutions from Net Set, V Media, Shaw and others, Manitobans have choices.

Manitoba: the land of many lakes and rivers. And other things, when you think about it, like forest, cities, prairies, grass, small mountains, lots of snow and farmland. Hey, this province has pretty much everything going for it, save the Taj Mahal, and part of that ‘everything’ is affordable Internet.

Yes, it is possible to avoid being overwhelmed by high monthly fees. Here are 4 of the cheapest Internet deals now on in Canada's most central province:

1) Net Set $60/month

Headquartered in Brandon, Manitoba and known as being the province’s #1 rural Internet provider, Net Set’s TD LTE 12 will set you back $60/month.

With it you get 60 GB of data to share across up to 2 devices, download speeds up to 6 Mbps and uploads of up to 1 Mbps.

There’s a limited time offer on right now that gives you free installation when you pay the activation fee and the first month up front.

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2) V Media $30/month

Launched in 2013, V Media is based in Ontario, and slowly spreading its services across Canada. The company offers consumers VoIP telephone services, subscription TV service, and Internet.

There are a variety of packages to choose from, with the most affordable being the company’s Cable 15 offer.

For $30/month it will give you uploads of up to 512 Kbps and unlimited data usage. There are no contracts to sign and installation is free, which is definitely a bonus.

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3) Xplornet $50/Month

Xplornet’s Internet service is based on 4G satellite technology. The company is the largest rural fixed wireless broadband service provider in Canada, and offers those in living in rural areas options.

To get started with its Internet service, you’ll need to sign a 2-year contract and pay around $100 for equipment installation.

The Xplore5 package is about $50/month and it comes with 10 GB of monthly data, download speeds of up to 5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps, plus access to 5 email accounts. Additional data is $2.00 per GB.

To put the 10 GB of data per month into perspective, Xplornet states it’s enough data for 10 hours of Netflix, 40 hours of Skype, or about 600 YouTube videos. Watch on!

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4) Shaw $35/Month

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Shaw goes all the way back to 1966, as a cable TV provider in Edmonton.

If you’re looking for cheapish Internet, Shaw’s basic Internet 5 plan can be a good solution for those who use email online, watch a few shows and download occasionally.

The company is presently running an introductory plan offer for $35/month, which goes up to $60/month after 3 months.

With this service you get 65 GB of monthly data, access to Shaw Go WiFi, downloads of up to 5 Mbps, uploads of up to 1 Mbps, and your WiFi modem rental. Add Bell’s CraveTV, cable TV, or a home phone at extra cost to your plan, with Shaw’s Plan Builder feature.

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