Satellite TV can give you the choice you want at a reasonable price.

Ontario: it’s the land of Niagara Falls, beaches on the Great Lakes, high-priced cell phone contracts and lots of TV.

And when it comes to your viewing pleasure, we all know it’s about having choice. You’re not going to watch all those channels every month, but having them on-hand when you want them is what paying for great satellite service is all about.

Here are 4 of the best satellite TV packages now available in Ontario:

1) Shaw Direct TV $41/month limited time offer, $111 regularly

Shaw has many satellite TV packages available to those who live in Ontario. If you want to go all out, consider the Ultimate Choice package. Right now enjoy $70 off each month on a wide variety of HD channels, sports, theme packs, classic movies, local and international news and specialty programming.

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You can have your HDPVR and HD receiver included for $0 with an approved credit check, and free access to Shaw’s FreeRange TV app, which allows you to catch up with your favourite shows anywhere.

Over 315 channels, with over 70 of these in HD.

2) Bell $100/month for 1 year, $116.95 regularly

Get Bell’s ‘Best’ package for about $15 off each month right now. What does it give you? The best value per channel and “All the channels in Better, plus practically every single specialty channel we offer – the ultimate TV lover package”.

If you get this satellite service as part of an eligible bundle from Bell, your HD PVR rental will be included.

3) Vmedia $27.00/month introductory offer, $44.95/month after 3 months

VMedia is certainly not as established as Bell or Shaw, but if you’re looking for an alternative provider it could be worth a glance. It’s definitely cheaper. You don’t get as many channels as you do with the other brand names but maybe you’re not going to be watching the latest gardening show or fishing update and it might not matter.

With VMedia’s package you get 70 top channels. Sign up and get 1 month of free service and a chance to customize your TV package.

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VMedia also offers viewers access to over 100 apps including Viber, Google +, YouTube, CraveTVTwitter, Facebook and many more. From Google Movies to XBMC, entertainment will just be a click away.

Packages are also available in Chinese, Punjabi, Russian.

4) Sky Choice $49.99 for the first 6 months, $80.00/month regularly

Sky Choice’s Ontario Life package comes with perks. These include access to 2 free on-demand or pay-per-view movies, Up to 3 HD boxes or 1 HDPVR + 1 HD box after credit, free installation of up to 3 HD receivers or 2 HDPVR's, access to over 80 live TV channels on your mobile device, one free PPV or VOD movie rental every month and your choice of one of 5 add-on bundles.

You get to watch over 420 channels, with over 120 of those in HD. What more could you ask for?