Get peace of mind and the best for your family with these 4 top monitoring devices.

You might co-sleep because you want to be close to your children. Or, maybe your kid can’t stand to be in a crib. Some people put their child in their own room in the first weeks alive, and never turn back. And others may wait a few months and then give it a go.

Since each method has its benefits, it’s hard to argue one over the other. That being said, there’s a wide market for baby monitors.

It’s possible to get by without one, but can be safer with one. Watch TV in the basement and know what your little ones are up to as they go to sleep upstairs.

For those in the market for a monitor, here’s a list of 4 best baby monitors on the market.

1) iBaby Monitor M6S

The first three monitors in this list got top awards on’s evaluation of best baby monitors of 2017. The iBaby Monitor M6S garnered 4 out of 5 stars on the site, as well as on

What’s so great about it? You use it in tandem with an app on your smartphone, and can change the camera angle with a simple swipe of your finger across the screen.

It’s said to give users excellent 1080p video quality, as well as a pan and tilt feature, the ability to upload your music library to be broadcast for your child, and event-triggered recording.

So, if your kid somehow jumps their crib, you can look back and see exactly how they escaped. (You don’t really need recording abilities in most situations with babies in your own home, but it’s a fun perk to have).

Two-way audio let’s you communicate with your child before reaching their room and raving reviews label it an “outstanding performer.”

2) Holababy P1 HD Video Baby Monitor

Holababy’s monitor has many of the same features to offer consumers as iBaby’s, with a few key differences. It also works by letting you monitor your child through your smartphone, but it’s more difficult to install.

On the plus side, Holababy’s device can project a colourful display of animals, shapes and stars on the ceiling for your child to gaze at, offering some calming distraction while they go to sleep. Definitely a good thing. Less baby stuff accumulating in the house via having no physical baby mobile is always a bonus.

For more detailed info, click here.

3) Infant Optics DXR-8

This monitoring device gets 3.5 out of 5 stars from . Notably, it’s also been given a Gold Award on .

It’s a basic baby monitor that runs with a camera and a monitoring device to view and not through a smart phone. You can mount the camera to the wall if you wish (it comes with the necessary gadgets to do this), and take advantage of a 2x optical zoom lens if it’s going to be located far away from your baby.

A solid battery life also keeps you aware for up to 10 hours.

4 ) Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor rates Motorola’s remote wireless monitor as #1 for 2017. It’s supposed to be a list of ‘mom’s best picks’ but since the site seems to be affiliated with Target, it’s hard to say if a bunch of moms actually independently voted for this monitor or not.

Nonetheless, it does have something to offer. It comes with a high sensitivity microphone, a sound-level indicator, volume control, as well as out-of range and low-battery alerts. Easy set can be done with the free Hubble app.

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