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I am on 10Mbps cable and I had them for 3 years now. I am getting tired of their slow speed and frequent shut downs when I use uTorrent. in order for me to use utorrent I have to put the download cup to 200kb/s and not to brows while it is downloading otherwise the internet disconnects. Also from the promised 10mbps my result in Speed test is only 5-6 mbps :mad: . another thing that I noticed that even though they advertise that it is unlimited however once you reach 40GB -50GB they slow down ur connection. it buffers in a bloody youtube not to mention other not so legal video streaming sites. The only good thing is that my bill comes up to a total of ($37.23).

I am thinking of swiching my isp but I need a recommendation for a better isp for the same amount of money.
I don't use more then 60gb a month so 100 GB cup would be more then enough for me as long as it is a true 10mbps speed with no slowdowns past a certain download, and no shutdowns when using uttorent.
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