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375$ credit for 6208 to upgrade to 6412 in Winnipeg

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Up To 375$ credit From Shaw to upgrade to 6412 HD-PVR

Just wanted to let people know that Shaw is offering credit on your old cable box to upgrade to the new 2-tuner 6412 HD-PVR. In my case, I returned my DCT-6208 to the Shaw office(Scurfield blvd. in Winnipeg) and was given 375$ credit to purchase the new unit.

I called twice on this before and was told by CSR's that there was no trade-up program but going to the office made all the difference.
I was there to trade in a faulty cable modem and decided to ask again since I was there. The woman nodded and asked her co-worker who had a printed form at her desk with a table of credit values.
Took in the 6208 the next day and had no trouble swapping for the 6412 box even though there were different people working. They didn't even ask where I bought the 6208(FS).
Cost just over 400$ after the credit including taxes.

Update: Posts below this one indicate that this program is being offered in other cities as well(Edmonton, Vancouver etc...)
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I up-traded my 6208 tonight at the Shaw outlet on Kingsway in Burnaby. No problems... the rep knew exactly what to do. The $375 credit was applied to my account which was a bit unexpected. Although the net result is the same, I had to pay full retail price on the box and therefore taxes on the full amount as well. Anyway, I'm grateful they didn't abandon us early adopters completely and make us shell out another 7-8 bills for a new box.
BadBBoy said:
This is determined on a per customer basis. We suggest contacting a customer service representative to discuss your options further.

It seems Shaw deals differently with each customer.
This is not correct... The trade-up price is published on the Shaw intranet which every Shaw employee has access to. This is where the rep I dealt with looked it up.

As for applying the credit to your account vs. your purchase price of the new box, I expect they changed this policy recently so that you get the credit to your account as this greatly simplifies their tax accounting. The next person that does the trade-up, should ask about this.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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