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Last month's full retail sales figures haven't been tallied just yet, but Microsoft today gave number-hungry gamers a few morsels to tide them over. Calling its Xbox 360 the industry leader "hands down," Microsoft announced that it had sold 17.7 million systems worldwide.

While that's the highest announced installed user base of the current-generation consoles--Nintendo in an October financial report projected worldwide Wii sales of 17.5 million through March of 2008--it suggests 2007 sales of the Xbox 360 were actually down nearly 18 percent from the year before.

At the company's early January Consumer Electronics Show keynote address, Microsoft announced an installed user base of 10.4 million, which would put 2007's tally at 7.3 million systems sold. Microsoft announced sales of 1.5 million for the system's 2005 launch quarter, which suggests 2006 sales would have totaled 8.9 million, significantly more than 2007's 7.3 million total.
Wow. Didn't realize they would sell so much less than the previous year. Maybe we'll see some aggressive SKU pricing for next year.

Source: Gamespot
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