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For kicks, aligned an old Primestar Dish (made by Channel Master, probly similar to a Starchoice Dish) to Hispasat, just to see what was there.
Plenty of stuff there.
Sundance looks like a Latin American Version
of Sundance Channel, not sure if it's on the same
schedule as ours, it is in English though.
Press TV is an English News Channel.

Below is what I was able to find:
11884,V,27500	Cubavision Mux
11909,V,7199	Uraguay Mux S2 H264
11930,V,2220	Scopus Net Tech (weak signal)
11937,V,7500	Telecaribe Mux
11971,H,27500	Data Mux
12052,V,27500	Sundance Channel Mux
12132,H,27500	Arabic Mux
12137,V,3030	canal 8 cordoba Scrambled
12140,V,3255	Canal 8 MDP scrambled
12145,V,4200	Canal7 scrambled
12156,V,2222	Canal 6
12158,V,2348	CANAL LUZ 2010
12163,V,3030	canal 11 (weak signal)
12168,V,5240	Supreme Master Mux
12172,H,27500	Press TV Mux
12173,V,2225	Sersat NOC 2 - Canal
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