Looking for a good deal? Check out Virgin’s new plan.

Most of us love a great deal. The ever-changing landscape of data plans for mobile devices means that sometimes those good deals pop up when we’re not looking and then take cover behind the nearest bush. We have no idea they’re actually only three feet away.

Here are 3 things to know about Virgin Mobile’s new data plan, to keep you in the loop:

1) It’s for Tablets

This new plan is being offered for tablets only- but it can be used with any tablet you want. If you need to, you can tether your cell phone to it, and save even more.

2) You’ll Get 3 GB

The stakes have been raised and this data plan comes with 3 GB of data, up from Virgin’s previous offering of just 2 GB for the same monthly fee. When you compare it the competition, it’s a good buy.

3) It’s Cheaper Than Most

If you’re someone who needs 25 GB per month just to get by, obviously this budget plan isn’t for you. But if you are comparing prices, Virgin’s new plan is on par with one from Fido, and a considerably better deal than what Bell, Rogers and Telus have on offer. These top dogs tend to have packages that offer about 1 GB of data for around $10 per month, so you’re getting just a third of the content for a slightly lower price. This offer seems like a teaser as most of us-but not all- use over 1 GB per month on any given device.

4) It’s Easy to Sign Up

For more information on how you can take advantage of Virgin’s new offer, click here .

Photo credits: pinkypills/Bigstock