If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, getting the best on your side can be a must.

What you need depends on the size you’re looking for, the style elements you need and what features matter most.

Here are 3 of the top-rated refrigerators as rated by Consumer Reports and CNET.

1) Whirlpool WRB322DMBB

Fridge capacity: 15.6 cubic feet

Freezer capacity: 6.4 cubic feet

CNET gives this fridge the distinction of being the ‘Best Bottom Freezer’ refrigerator out there. Consumer Reports also sights Whirlpool fridges as having high marks.

So, what does this fridge offer?

A bottom freezer, which means a fridge at eye-level. This means you can easily get at the things you use most, at eye-level. This appliance doesn’t offer many frills or ‘flashy features’ but it does provide a solid round of the basics.

CNET says it offers strong cooling performance that’s on-par with fridges that will cost you thousands of dollars more.

Ice maker? Yes. Water dispenser? No. Energy Star? Yes.

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2) Kenmore 72482

Fridge capacity 21.1 cubic feet

Freezer capacity 8.8 cubic feet

Earning ‘Best Overall Value’ as well as an Editor’s Choice distinction from CNET, Kenmore’s 72482 is a roomy refrigerator. Reviews indicate that you may pay more for a stainless steel exterior, but if this isn’t a concern, you’re good to go.

FYI, a Kenmore fridge is apparently actually an LG fridge that’s been purchased by Sears, and rebranded for selling.

Curiously, according to Consumer Reports, LG fridges that come side-by-side with ice makers- as this one does- are on the list of more repair-prone fridges, while Kenmore’s are in good standing. Make of that what you will.

The right door is said to be slightly warmer than the other storage areas

Ice maker? Yes. Water dispenser? Energy Star? Yes.

3) Samsung RH22H9010SR

Total capacity: 21.5 cubic feet

Samsung doesn’t appear on Consumer Reports list of recommended fridges, which basically promotes Whirlpool and Kenmore as being most reliable.

That being said, this fridge from the Korean company gets a ‘Best Door in a Door’ award from CNET. It’s priced lower than Kenmore’s, and is Samsung’s most affordable Food Showcase fridge.

Just what does ‘door in a door’ mean? You can open the fridge door and expose the shelves in the door, but not the entire fridge itself.

You choose: open the whole thing, inner door and all, by pulling on the small trigger located on the door handle at the top.

If you just want to expose the shelves in the door, pull the trigger and just open the outer layer.

The function? It’s a novelty feature that may save you a tiny bit of energy while the rest of the door stays closed, and is lighter and easier to open than the entire door.

Reviews indicate that the storage space in the body of the fridge, not including doors, is a little cramped for some tastes, even for side-by-side fridges.

That being said, it’s a well-rounded fridge that performs well at keeping things cool.

Ice maker? Yes. Water dispenser? Yes. Energy Star? Yes.

Photo credits: AndreyPopov/Bigstock; tirlik/Bigstock