From oscillating heaters to towers, oil-filled room-fillers and small cube heaters, there's something for every need.

Is everyone else feeling a draft or is it just me? It’s fall and time to break out the space heater when the wind whips up.

There are many on the market and getting something that will heat you up and last a long time as well, is what you need.

Which are the best? Here are 3 top-rated brands of space heaters from 2017, as rated by Top Ten Reviews, Good Housekeeping and Consumer

1) Lasko

Lasko has a wide variety of space heaters from ceramic cube heaters to those on oscillating pedestals and towers, utility heaters and more.

Consumer marks the Lasko 754200 as on of the best-reviewed low-cost, small ceramic heaters around. Of note, reviewers on say it isn’t the best pick if you need something that’s pet or child safe, as the front grill heats up to quite a high temperature after about 10 minutes of use.

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It is very quiet however, and is self-regulating with automatic overheat protection and a carrying case.

This is a small space heater that can sit on your desk or counter top, or heat up the bathroom, as one customer noted.

Consumer Research also gives top marks to the  Lasko 6462 heater, an oscillating tower.

2) DeLonghi

Both Top Ten and Consumer Research tag DeLonghi as a good brand of space heater. In particular, Consumer Research likes the DeLonghi TRD40615T, a full-room, oil-filled digital radiant heater.

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This heater is good for heating rooms of up to 144 square feet and is simple to operate and maintain, with a 24-hour programmable timer.

3) Dyson

Dyson space heaters come in various sizes with different abilities. Some  purify the air as they heat things up, and others offer you the option of cooling the air as well as warming it. The most distinctive feature of their products is the big loop on the end- sound familiar?

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Top Ten Reviews likes Dyson’s AM05 heater for covering an office space a home.  This fan heater can both warm and cool your space, as it can also be a simple fan in summer.

4) Vornado

Top Ten Reviews and Good Housekeeping both like Vornado heaters. They aren’t cheap, but you’d expect to pay a bit for a tornado of heat right in your home.

Small and convenient, they still do a good job of heating a whole room, without taking up too much space.

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Use the thermostatic temperature control to reach your desired heating level, while enjoying “whisper quiet service” that’s guaranteed for up to 5 years.

Remember to always check to see how much electricity your space heater is drawing, and to plug it into the wall if you doubt your extension cord can safely handle the load.