Stay smart on the road and avoid errors that will land you in a dangerous situation or with a hefty ticket, with these apps and devices.

Speeding tickets: no one wants them. Whether you've hit a school zone all of a sudden, or you didn't realize how fast you were going, they're unwelcome.

We’re not advocating speeding on roadways in any way, here. The best way to use these apps is as a reminder. We all know cops often place themselves in locations where they can easily catch drivers unaware. This is good as it makes us all slow down from time to time, and bad if you get slapped with a ticket.

Want to stay safe on the roads, avoid hazards while being prepared? Check out these 3 apps that can keep yourself in the zone and safe while driving.

1)  Waze Free Android and iOS

This app is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. With it you can “join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute.”

Users can get and share information about police on the roadways, accidents, road hazards and traffic jams in real-time as it occurs.

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Tired of hitting dead-ends with Google Maps? Put an end to that by using Waze's maps that are updated by an active community of editors, to reflect current changes. Never find yourself on an industrial road instead of at the Holiday Inn, again.

Other benefits? You can also use Waze to coordinate your driving trips with friends, and find that best gas price in the area.

2)   Cobra iRadar Free Android and iOS

If you're mainly trying to avoid being detected by police radar Cobra is your friend.  The classic police radar detection company has developed an app that allows you to forgo attaching a large radar detector to the inside of your car.

The company’s app works with both Android and iOS devices and is the “world’s first and largest community-based radar/laser/camera detection system”.

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Receive and share alerts in real-time with other iRadar users regarding live police activity, speed and red light cameras and speed traps.

FYI: this app is compatible with the radar detector iRad ,dash cams CDR 855 BT , CDR 875 G and CB Radio 29LX MAX .

One drawback: some of the app’s functions only work when you’re linked to a Cobra iRadar Device, so if you want it all, you have to buy this .

3) TrapTap

This one is actually a device that comes with an accompanying app. You place this small stylish circle  on your dash and watch as it lights up in different colors to tell you different things about the traffic.

If you see flashing yellow, it means you’re approaching a school zone, (a hotspot for speeding tickets), red means there’s a red light camera nearby and green means you’ve gone over the speed limit.

You can tap your device to alert other users of mobile traps and other hazards on the road and use the app to specify which alerts you’d like to receive and when.

What’s the benefit of using TrapTap over the other apps or devices listed here? You don’t have to pull out your phone to receive alerts. In addition, the simple flashing, color-coded lights allow you to concentrate more fully on your driving.

The device is small and looks nice-i.e, you don’t have a big plastic box hanging around somewhere, and it’s also useable in 60 countries, with over 1 million data points pre-mapped around the world. Handy.