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It should be fairly simple but all bets are off with proprietary Bell equipment. Some routers have an access point configuration option that can be used. If so use that.

With most other routers:
  1. Connect the LAN port to a PC that is not on the LAN. Find the router by going to its web page, typically or That should be documented or written on the router.
  2. Disable DHCP.
  3. Configure a static LAN address not in use on the network. 192.168.x.2 should work but the first three numbers should match the existing LAN address and the fourth must be unique and not in the main router's DHCP range.
  4. Reconnect the PC to the LAN.
  5. Connect one of the second routers LAN ports to the LAN and go to the configuration page using the new address.
  6. Configure wifi.
Haven't done this for awhile so there may be a step or two missing but that should do it.
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