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The rules are simple make your 2011 wish list for Canadian Cable, IPTV, Over-the-Air, and or Satellite Television. It not a prediction thread it what I and you hope to finally get in 2011.
My list
1. Spike HD
2. Space HD
3. TSN Habs regional feed expanded to my BDU (Shaw Direct)
4. True a la carte packaging.
5. A major price war for premium content!

We can always dream and happy holiday everyone!

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  • A price war in-between Rogers Cable and Bell IPTV in Kanata
  • Cheaper On Demand rentals on Rogers Cable and/or Bell IPTV
  • Free local television on Bell Fibe service (if the above don't pan out)
  • The ability to receive every local OTA station with an attic installation
  • OTA application for TFO on TVO subchannel in Ottawa/Gatineau
  • OTA applications for more news programing on subchannels in Ottawa/Gatineau
  • A complete digital transition of all of Ottawa/Gatineau's local OTA stations.

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Spike HD should launch in 2011, I saw it in test mode for a couple of days before it was yanked.

I want to see every U.S. channel that's currently available in HD to launch here, as well as the more popular Canadian specialty channels get their HD-act together.

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  1. Space HD (you said we can dream)
  2. IPTV in York Region (I can't afford to live in The Beach)
  3. Failing #2, whole house DVR from Rogers
  4. A new directive for the CRTC, focused on customer service instead of supplier profitability
  5. Decent On Demand content
  6. ANYONE who will be competition for Big Red and Big Blue
  7. An end to the practice of showing the same commercial multiple times in the same break (I HATE Febreze!)
Happy/Merry [insert Winter Solstice-coinciding celebration here] Everyone!

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1. More a la carte pricing.
2. More HD channels for Rogers in Atlantic Canada (seriously, its crazy out here).
3. A CRTC that actually cares about Canadians rather then whatever the corporate lobbyists tell it to do.

What will I actually get? None of those, but I'm sure there will be a price increase on the way along with more reality garbage passed off as content.

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I just want HD that's actually HD, not that overly compressed crap that BellTV (and apparently all other BDUs) pass off as "HD". I had the opportunity to see some OTA HD the other day on a set no better than mine, and it was truly stunning (and maddening).

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Shaw Direct to:
Launch TVO HD, CBC Vancouver HD, CTV Vancouver HD, PBS Seattle HD, firmware for the 6xx receivers to add an HDD (to make into a DVR, or expand capacity for the 630), and of course, add Space HD.

My ISP to make a big upgrade, to upgrade my speed.

Some broadcaster to switch to digital up here.

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I'd like o see on Rogers:

Spike HD
space HD
Food HD
Comedy HD
All the Much Music Channels HD
Music Plus HD
Music Max HD
Showcase Action & Diva HD
Morpix HD
TWN & Metro Media HD
The French ones not present available on Rogers in SD & HD(if there is version of it)
Bravo HD
Any Sports HD not yet available on Rogers.
Sirus & X FM Radio
the rest of the Galaxie channels that are available but are not presently on Rogers.
All the Radio stations available that are on Rogers(those presently on but not available in all markets),BTV,Shaw Dierect/Cable, Videotron,etc.
Family HD
Teleton E & W English
Teletoon french HD
Teletoon Retro HD(english & French)
Discovery Science HD
Twist HD
Discovery Channel HD(not the Discovery World HD)
Mystrey HD(both english & french)
Omni Alberta(either Edmonton or Calgary)
City TV HD(Winnipeg, Calgary or Edmonton)
NTV(brought back)
Court TV HD(forgot the new name)

And prehaps a few more. I'm not greedy, I just love tv. :p

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I would LOVE it if the TSN Habs regional channel was available to me here in Southwestern Ontario! I HATE the restrictions!

I would love to see the Global Reality Channel on Bell TV (for Fear Factor!) as well as more HD channels.

I WISH the Canadian broadcasters (CBC, CTV and Global) would make their online content available either through the PS3 or an Iphone APP. TMN online could be SUCH a GOOD service but it lacks right now because you can only stream to your laptop. I tried connecting my laptop to my HD tv but the sizing is off and the picture isn't optimized for tv viewing. What I don't understand with these companies although their intentions may be good is that if you design a product and your customer doesn't use it or get the full benefit out of it, what's the point of offering it? I have e-mailed TMN and Bell to share my views on this. Supposedly SuperChannel is coming out with their online version sometime in January-February and I also told them about this "shortcoming" as well.

I hope everyone here has a Merry Christmas and All the best for 2011 and Happy Holidays for those of you that don't celebrate!

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My wish is that all of Canada's local OTA channels would broadcast in DTV from in or near the same tower site per area, with only the UHF band being used. Consumers would put up one small antenna aimed in one direction to get all the Canadian locals and get all their other programming from a U.S. aimed antenna if applicable or from cable, satellite, or Internet as required.

Just a wasted wish... :rolleyes:

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1. continued destruction of the broadcasting business model with the corresponding creation of more consumer choice

2. elimination of the 'genre monopoly' and simsub rules, to help Number 1 move along faster.

3. acknowledgement at the broadcast executive level that, in a world where Avatar is downloaded 16.5 million times, things have changed and adding a few more VOD options doesn't cut it as a strategic response.

2 and 3 won't happen so...

I'll take Space HD as a placebo (mmm, dogfood again!)
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