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Not that it matters much to me, as I have zero interest in professional baseball, but the NetCast software on my LG 42LE5400 updated this morning to add a new applet for MLB.TV to the existing YouTube and Picasa selections which came with it. This is the second NetCast software update I've had since purchasing this set a few weeks back, though the first update did not add any applications.

I'd try it out, but it appears from the MLB site that you have to buy a regular or premium subscription to MLB.TV to link to your TV - and that's not going to happen for me. But if some other Canadian baseball enthusiasts out there have LG TV's, perhaps this is good news for you ... :)

Another one it would be nice to have is the applet, which I believe is available on the U.S. sets. The Accuweather site has all the Canadian weather info on it already.

I posted in an earlier thread that LG replied to my email query that they would not be adding a Canadian NetFlix app (which they have on this TV in the US) - instead only adding it to their next generation of TVs. With this latest update, I'm holding out faint hope that they will eventually see the light on that (though they claim a hardware limitation prevents it), and continue adding additional applets for this existing generation of sets.
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