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2.4 GHz wireless n speeds?

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Hey all, I think I'll just leave this here.

About two months ago I picked up a netgear WNDR3700 dual band router. Last week I got my laptop with n capabilities built into it, but am rock solid at 65 mbps and can't get any faster despite my best efforts. I realize that I can only utilize the 2.4 band, but I was expecting 130 mbps.

Any thoughts? My 2.4 max speed is set to be 300 mbps at the router.
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Just to narrow the issue down...

- Make sure no other clients are connected to the wireless network (only one PC to test with). Turn off all other wireless devices to be sure.
- Put your PC right next to the router or as close as possible.
- Set your WNDR3700 to Wireless-N only, not Mixed Mode.

A few things to remember...

- The network can only operate as fast as the slowest client. If a Wireless-G client connects, everyone falls down to 54Mbps (though Windows may report a slightly higher link-rate).
- On 2.4Ghz, you should never expect to see 300Mbps. 150Mbps is likely the maximum link-rate you will see unless you live in a very rural area and don't have many other 2.4Ghz devices in the house***
- The further you are from the router, the slower the speed.
- The more clients connected, the slower the speed.
- The link-rate doesn't represent your actual throughput. Throughput will only be about 50% of the link-rate under the best conditions.

***The reason for this is Wireless-N devices have a "good-neighbour" policy. If there are too many other 2.4Ghz devices in the area, they must fall back to 20Mhz channel-width limiting them to only 150Mbps.
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