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TAC ch 888 was doing this when they had 16X9 content to air. They are an SD channel so they aired an anamorphic image. This makes people look tall and skinny. There are no black bars on the screen. If viewed on an SD set with an SD box you can't correct the distortion. Everything is seen tall and skinny. With an SD box and an 16X9 TV you could use the TV's aspect ratio controls to stretch the image horizontally to fill the screen and restore normal geometry. If you tune this channel with an HD box and HD TV you get black bars on the sides and the same tall skinny distortion but you can stretch the image to the full width of your set and restore normal geometry by pressing the zoom button on the HD box. Circles become circles, the image fills the 16X9 screen and there are no black bars but the detail you are used to in HD is not there. The picture is soft but very watchable.
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