LG's newest phone comes loaded with features many will love.

Some critics are calling LG’s new smartphone “a phone with soul”. Why? It’s said to produce the best sound in a smartphone, ever. It also has superb ergonomics and dimensions, with tiny bezels.

What are the cons? Some reviewers are complaining that the phone’s display looks lifeless and flat, and that the device comes with too many pre-loaded apps (upwards of 50, depending on the country of purchase).

Some also feel that the camera doesn’t produce entirely lifelike images, with slightly over-saturated photos.

Is it a good buy? Here are 11 of the phone’s features, to help you make your own decision

1) An Incredible Audio System

As previously stated, this is said to the phone’s best feature. The LG V30 comes with a Hi-Fi Quad-DAC audio system, making for great listening. Whether it’s Brahms, rock, hip hop or R & B that you’re into, you’re going to be setting your ears up for a treat when you tune in.

Basically, if high-quality audio is of prime importance to you on your phone, this one’s for you.

2) Wireless Charging

The LG V30 comes with wireless charging, so you don’t have to worry about losing your cables or having to plug and unplug.

The charging system is compatible with a range of Qi wireless charging pads and accessories, and supports both Qi and PMA wireless charging standards.

3) Glass on the Front and Back

This phone comes glass encasing on both the front and back of the phone. If you like the sleek look, it’s great, and the phone is pretty durable so you’d have to drop it with a lot of force to have it crack.

Glass is more prone to picking up scratches than a phone without glass on all sides, though.

4) Waterproofing

Like jumping in the lake without thinking about it? The V30 is waterproof to an IP68 rating, giving users peace of mind when it comes to accidents and standing in the rain, at the bus stop.

5) A Hefty Processor

A Snapdragon 835 processor is inside, like other high-end Android phones, ranking this phone among the best.

6) Minimal Bezels

If the style of the sides of your phone matters to you, know that you’re getting some of the smallest bezels out there with this one.

7) A High-Resolution Display

The quality of the display in this phone is a point of contention for some reviewers, but it does come with a high-resolution OLED display.

8) A Dual-Camera System

Who needs just one camera? Like other upper-end cell phones, LG’s comes with 2 cameras, including a wide-angle second camera on the back.

An interesting feature of the first camera is its ability to zoom in on any spot in the frame instead of simply the center, making for interesting photo opportunities.

9) A Long-Lasting Battery

A 3,300mAh battery is housed in the phone and it lasts about a day or more, depending on your use.

10) A Generous Amount of Storage

64GB of expandable storage are at your fingertips.

11) Tones of Pre-loaded Carrier Apps

Pre-loaded apps can be a benefit or an annoyance. For those who have a specific preference for certain apps and don’t wish to see anything else on screen, getting a phone that’s highly pre-loaded can mean you have a lot of work ahead to uninstall them.

If you like to see what’s out there without a bunch of searching however, they can be a boon.