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  1. Viasat-1 satellite will expand internet service in remote areas of Canada

    Industry News
    New Brunswick’s Xplornet Communications Inc. announced today that the launch the Viasat-1 satellite has been set for this Wednesday October 19th at 2:48pm EST. Calling it North America's first 4G broadband satellite, Xplornet says Viasat will enable the company to expand and improve its high...
  2. Xplornet acquires RipNET in Eastern Ontario

    Industry News
    New Brunswick's Xplornet Communications Inc. today announced the immediate acquisition of RipNET Limited. Located in the Brockville region, RipNET is an Internet service provider that operates in the eastern Ontario region that extends from Manotick to Gananoque, and as far north as Perth. In...
  3. Xplornet raises $230 million to expand Internet Service in rural areas

    Industry News
    New Brunswick's Xplornet Communications Inc. announced today that it has secured $230 million in private financing in order to expand its Internet service offerings across Canada. The company says the funding will to expand its fixed wireless and satellite offerings among the 2.4 million...
  4. Xplornet eMail to be powered by Gmail

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    Woodstock, New Brunswick based, Barrett Xplore today announced an agreement with Google to deliver a new email platform for its customers across Canada. Xplornet Mail powered by Gmail will offer enhanced email features and functionality, including up to 7.3 GB of storage capacity, and the...