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  1. YTD Global Console Sales through Sep 25, 2010

    Video Game Consoles and PC Gaming
    Coming into the holiday season, X360 and PS3 are now neck-and-neck for the year. Microsoft has led the past few weeks since its summertime hardware refresh, and while the Sony Move has closed the gap, Microsoft still edged them out by 40k units this week. Wii, of course, remains the undisputed...
  2. PS3 outsells X360 in 2009

    Video Game Consoles and PC Gaming
    Wow, the numbers were more dramatic than I expected: From Jan 4/09 thru Dec26/09, PS3 outsold its competitor by 23%, or 2.25 million consoles globally. 2009: PS3: 12 004 000 X360: 9 744 000 Since PS3 launch: PS3: 31 017 000 X360: 31 415 000 Since X360 Launch: PS3: 31 017 000 X360: 36...