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wireless networks

  1. TELUS Plans $1B in Wireless and Network Upgrades for B.C.

    Industry News
    TELUS said that it will be investing $1 billion in new infrastructure and facilities across B.C. in 2013. This is part of a three-year, $3 billion commitment to connect homes and businesses directly to fibre optic cable, extend wireless reach to more communities and expand 4G LTE network...
  2. Sierra Wireless Adds Communications Research Lab at SFU

    Industry News
    The Sierra Wireless Mobile Communications Laboratory at Simon Fraser University is designed to place B.C. at the forefront of the wireless communications industry. Wireless communications, as you're aware, impacts devices such as cell phones and computers, as well as connectivity to databases...
  3. TELUS Plans Major 4G LTE Wireless Upgrades

    Industry News
    TELUS will be extending and upgrading its 4G LTE network in various locations throughout Canada with heavy investments targeted towards Quebec and in the Greater Toronto Area. Canada's second largest telecom company, will invest $440 million in the Metropolitan area of Montreal and $840 million...
  4. Ericsson Acquires Canada's BelAir Networks

    Industry News
    Swedish telecom giant Ericsson announced it is buying Canadian WiFi technology firm BelAir Networks. Ericsson will purchase 100 percent of the shares in the privately-held, Ottawa-based firm which employs 120. Bernard Herscovich, CEO of BelAir Networks, said in a statement: "By focusing on the...