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  1. USA Products - Radio not licensed yet (Plume now certified)

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    I am hoping by posting here that I will catch an expert who knows from experience if this will or will not work. Mesh wireless is the new hot product for `whole home' wi-fi. For me the most interesting and exciting product is called Plume If you are interested here...
  2. Wireless vs RG6 vs Twisted Pair

    Home Computing
    I have some questions about a wired or wireless internet connection. My lack of expertise will be evident -- please let me know if I haven't given you enough information. I want to connect my Windows computer to the internet. The options that I see are: - use a wireless connection, or - run...
  3. 2 stage thermostat with old wiring (4 wires)?

    Home Fix-up (Appliances, HVAC & Power Tools)
    I have the furnace and a/c replaced in my 20+ year old house. Because the furnace is 2 stage, the sales guy agreed to give me a 2 stage thermostat upgrade for free. However, the tech guy came today and told me that even they give me a 2 stage thermostat, it's useless because the old wiring only...
  4. CNN Interview With the Founder of Monster

    Home Theatre Corner
    Well, I found this to be an interesting read. It sounds like the guy actually believed in what he did, and was trying to improve audio quality for others. Sort of expected him to show up in a devil...