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  1. Antenna Research & Development
    I was wondering how feasible it would be to hack a Winegard HD6010 (formerly known as a PR-6010) FM antenna into two dipole antennas for VHF. Here is the background, I am trying to improve TV reception at a cottage where most of the signals are still on VHF and are orthogonal to each other. To...
  2. Antenna Research & Development
    I'm revisiting my Winegard HD7696P antenna which has been stored away for several months. I'm curious about its design and a possible flaw (or perhaps it's due to my ignorance). After removing the balun cartridge, I used an ohmmeter to better understand how it's designed. On the UHF lines...
  3. Antenna Research & Development
    As an early birthday present, I recently added an AntennaCraft HBU-44 to my collection of antennas. My purpose was to compare it with the Winegard HD7696P which I've had for some time. The HBU-44 appears to be a close match in the AntennaCraft line to the HD7696P in terms of boom length and...
1-4 of 4 Results