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  1. Cogeco, WMC Windows 7, WinTV HVR2250 - HELP!

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    Hi All, I've been happily enjoying Windows 7 WMC for about 4 years with a dual tuner Happauge HVR-2250. Just basic analog cable. Was good enough for me. Now that Cogeco has gone digital this rig no longer works. So i've upgraded to an hd package from Cogeco. I was hoping i could continue to...
  2. Microsoft Releasing Surface Pro Tablet on Feb. 9

    Industry News
    Microsoft's Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet will hit stores on February 9th in Canada and the US. Expect to pay $899 for the tablet alone with 64 GB of storage, or $999 for the 128 GB version. The Surface Pro comes with its own stylus or 'Surface pen' and is more power-packed the Surface RT...
  3. Microsoft Opens Windows 8 for Testing

    Industry News
    The world's largest software maker, Microsoft released a beta version of Windows 8 on Feb. 29th. The test version of Windows 8 was unveiled at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona to drum up some excitement especially in the wake of Apple's upcoming March 7th media event in San Francisco to...
  4. Microsoft Windows 7 sales top 240 million in 1st year

    Windows Computing
    Microsoft Corp's Windows 7 has sold more than 240 million copies in its first year, the company said on Thursday, making it the fastest-selling operating system, and helping the software giant to record profits despite a recent dip in computer sales growth. from article.. Microsoft still...
  5. Windows 7 Family pack Goes on Sale Oct 22

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    Where to buy?
  6. Windows SP1 will only contain minor updates

    Industry News
    In a Windows blog posting yesterday, Microsoft announce that Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) will include only minor updates, many of which will be previous updates already delivered through Windows Update. The company did not announce a timeline for SP1 but did say that once it was released...
  7. Denon receivers now Windows 7 Compatible

    Industry News
    Denon Electronics said Monday four of its higher end A/V receivers and its two networked iPod docks are now compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 after passing various Microsoft compatibility tests. In addition, the company says all of Denon's new receivers scheduled for introduction in 2010 will...
  8. looking for info on new tablet pcs

    Windows Computing
    I was wondering if anyone here heard anything about the new tablet pcs (or slates if you want to call them that) that are coming out soon (HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc.). I was hoping that the newer ones would have large displays, fast processors (duo core) and lots of ram. I want to be able to run...
  9. Microsoft Windows 7 now on sale in Canada

    Industry News
    After numerous beta and release candidates and tons of hype, Windows 7 from Microsoft is now available on new computers and as a software upgrade for some older PCs. In Canada, a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium will sell for $230 while the upgrade version will sell for $130. The...
  10. WinZip 14 supports new Windows 7 features

    Industry News
    WinZip Computing today announced the availability of WinZip 14.0, the latest version of the company's compression software. New capabilities of the venerable file compression software include support for Windows 7 enhancements, improved security and a new backup edition. Windows 7 users will...
  11. Windows Media Center Guide ID for Brantford

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Hi - I just moved and I'm setting up an OTA system. I have the outdoor antenna (which came with the house) hooked up to a TV Wonder 650. Using the information here: I've configured...
  12. Macbook Pro to a Windows 7 computer

    Apple Computing
    Hello, I recently updated my Desktop PC to Windows 7 (was running XP) because I like to torture myself. I have a Macbook Pro that was able to pick up the desktop wirelessly so that I could stream files between the two. However, since the Windows 7 update, I am unable to view either computer. I...
  13. Vista to Windows 7 Upgrade

    Windows Computing
    Hi All: Apologies in advance if this is an old question, but I was unable to find anything on it after several searches. I plan to build a new PC starting mid-May. I will put Vista on it. Does anyone know what, if any, Windows 7 upgrade path MS will offer to recent Vista buyers...