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  1. Rogers Cable TV
    Some of the improvements I'd like to see in 2011 are an updated firmware for my HD box that will have: IPG updates such as a true 16x9 guide, with more screen space for tv listings a true 16x9 preview window in the guide instead of squishing widescreen content into a 4x3 preview box...
  2. Shaw Cable
    Hi all, newbie to the forums but not to technology. However the geek in me cannot figure out how to get widescreen out of my Shaw Digital TV box. Is this even possible? I am on the Shaw Digital TV package and have the Shaw Digital TV terminal connected to my Insignia 32" LCD TV via RCA inputs...
  3. Videotron
    So I jumped on Videotron's new discount program and picked-up an SA 4250hd box. But I do have four questions. Right now, everything is hooked up to my Denon 888 via hdmi out from the cable box. 1) All of the sd channels are now being output to the tv as square (4:3) even though my setting on...
1-3 of 3 Results