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wall mounts

  1. Safe to mount LCD to one stud?

    Home Theatre Construction
    Hi everyone. I picked the mono price low profile wall mount ID 4114 last week. I have two windows and I want to mount my Sony LCD in between them. I found a stud directly between the two windows. The studs are exactly 14" apart. The wall bracket is not wide enough so is it safe to mount the...
  2. Wall Mounts - Sanus or?

    Home Theatre Construction
    so i got people raving about $40, $50 wall mounts that are aperantly friggin amazing. So why are Sanus and other ones $400+? Is it the same thing like buying a HDMI 1.3a cable for say 20, 30 dollars or buying a Monster HDMI cable for $250? Advice is apreciated :) Thanks