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  1. Kobo Original eReader unrecognized by computer

    New Member Forum - Introductions
    Hello, I recently inherited a Kobo Original (or K1), model number N416. It's tethered, and therefore dependent on its connectability with my computer. I plugged it into my windows 10, and downloaded Kobo desktop. The reader displays a page that says it is plugged in, and that the light will...
  2. Vista 64 wifi device driver signing trouble solution?

    Windows Computing
    I have had vista 64 drop the device driver for my belkin wireless pci card driver on three occasions...even though the driver is signed! Very maddening to say the least. If I go into my boot options and boot with device driver signing turned off then the card works so it is windows puking on...
  3. Vista to Windows 7 Upgrade

    Windows Computing
    Hi All: Apologies in advance if this is an old question, but I was unable to find anything on it after several searches. I plan to build a new PC starting mid-May. I will put Vista on it. Does anyone know what, if any, Windows 7 upgrade path MS will offer to recent Vista buyers...
  4. Nothing will stream to 360 anymore, getting desperate

    Video Game Consoles and PC Gaming
    Streaming content wirelessly to my xbox 360 has been working flawlessly for about a year now, then suddenly, the whole thing just breaks. It will however stream if it's wired, but this function is useless to me. What happens when you try to watch either live TV on the 360 or recorded TV is a...
  5. My HTPC, a STB and some festive issues

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Festive greetings people, I'm currently rejoicing in the stable functionality that my newly constructed VMS-based HTPC provides. Truly, I think, a Christmas miracle. There are, however, two issues slightly myrrhing my oh-so festive experience - 1. Audio popping/clipping? - occurs when...
  6. Microsoft Leaks Windows 7 (Alpha) Details to Media

    Windows Computing
  7. Mouse Scroll wheel doesn't work in iTunes on Vista

    Windows Computing
    I'm running Vista Ultimate and I've never been able to get the mouse scroll wheel to work in iTunes. My mouse drivers are updated, my Vista is updated and I just updated to the latest version of iTunes (8.00.35) and it still doesn't work. Scroll wheel works fine in all other applications...
  8. Vista: Deleted folder keeps reappearing

    Windows Computing
    Can you tell it's my first time with this new O/S :) I created a folder on the desktop to store some temp. pictures and such. Now I'm done with it, and I deleted that folder. Problem is that everytime the computer boots up again, that file is back. I can't erase that dumb file! It's like a...