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  1. MTS
    Recently went with BellMTS FibeTV with two receivers (VIP2262 and VIP2202). Prior I had Bell Sat with a 6131 receiver. I always had a Slingbox connected to the Component output and simultaneously had an HDMI connection to my Sony Bravia TV. Both outputs worked without fail, separately or at...
  2. Bell Aliant Home Phone, Internet, IPTV
    I just had FibreOp TV installed, and the main PVR is the VIP2262. This is a brand new unit. However, any time I try to pause TV, or rewind 15 seconds, the system hangs for 15 sec or so, and I get an error message that states "HD PVR Connection Lost. You are now watching live TV. Check that...
1-2 of 2 Results