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video dropouts

  1. FibreOp TV Glitches/Quality

    Bell Aliant Home Phone, Internet, IPTV
    I've had Bell Aliant FibreOp for about 8 months now. When watching TV, every once in a while (at most maybe once or twice per 30 minutes), the TV signal glitches and sort of skips and shows a lot of video artifacts and the sound skips. Sometimes it happens more than others - mostly when I...
  2. Problem with video loop-through using Pace 551 HD terminal

    Help! I am trying to setup my home theater system using the loop-through function on the Videotron Pace 551 HD terminal. Currently, I have the audio loop-through working A-ok. The audio is setup as such: Digital out from DVD to digital IN on Pace 551, digital OUT from Pace to digital IN on...
  3. video dropouts HD PVR

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    Over the last several months, I experience video dropouts, often on replay, the screen goes blank for 2-3 seconds while the audio continues. I have replaced the PVR twice and the Samsung replaced the motherboard of the LCD TV on the assumption that it may be the TV. I have changed the HDMI...
  4. SA8300HD HDMI Problems: Discuss here only!

    Rogers Cable TV: HD PVR Discussion
    After several differently intoned conversations with Rogers CS, I resign to connect my new SA 8300 with component cables. Rogers official line has always, and continues to be, "We do not support HDMI." I find this unfortunate having just moved from NY where Time Warner provides the same box...