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  1. Antenna Research & Development
    I have up to 20 feet in length I could work with in my attic. Is there a simple VHF design I would build up there? I'm specifically after channels 11 & 13 but wouldn't mind 7-9.
  2. Items for Sale
    Extreme-gain full VHF (channels 2-13) antenna. One of the most powerful VHF antennas ever made. No longer in production. Made in Canada. Bought new, and only used for a few months for testing purposes. This is a very large outdoor antenna: 16' long about about 6' wide. Elements fold up...
  3. Antenna Research & Development
    I'm revisiting my Winegard HD7696P antenna which has been stored away for several months. I'm curious about its design and a possible flaw (or perhaps it's due to my ignorance). After removing the balun cartridge, I used an ohmmeter to better understand how it's designed. On the UHF lines...
  4. Antenna Research & Development
    Unless I've overlooked it in past threads, I haven't been able to locate a real head-to-head comparison of AC's Y10-7-13 versus Winegard's YA-1713. They're both designed for upper VHF reception. Yes, there are published gain figures from the manufacturers but an unbiased "shootout" would be...
  5. OTA Reception Results
    OTA Results for the Metro Toronto and Central GTA south of Highway 407 using INDOOR OTA gear only.
1-5 of 5 Results