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  1. High VHF antenna?

    Antenna Research & Development
    I have up to 20 feet in length I could work with in my attic. Is there a simple VHF design I would build up there? I'm specifically after channels 11 & 13 but wouldn't mind 7-9.
  2. Kitchener, ON: VIP307SR High-gain VHF antenna

    Items for Sale
    Extreme-gain full VHF (channels 2-13) antenna. One of the most powerful VHF antennas ever made. No longer in production. Made in Canada. Bought new, and only used for a few months for testing purposes. This is a very large outdoor antenna: 16' long about about 6' wide. Elements fold up...
  3. Winegard HD769 design (phasing lines)

    Antenna Research & Development
    I'm revisiting my Winegard HD7696P antenna which has been stored away for several months. I'm curious about its design and a possible flaw (or perhaps it's due to my ignorance). After removing the balun cartridge, I used an ohmmeter to better understand how it's designed. On the UHF lines...
  4. Y10-7-13 vs. YA-1713 (modeling and comparing)

    Antenna Research & Development
    Unless I've overlooked it in past threads, I haven't been able to locate a real head-to-head comparison of AC's Y10-7-13 versus Winegard's YA-1713. They're both designed for upper VHF reception. Yes, there are published gain figures from the manufacturers but an unbiased "shootout" would be...
  5. ON - City of Toronto Metro Area <INDOOR Antennas Only> - OTA

    OTA Reception Results
    OTA Results for the Metro Toronto and Central GTA south of Highway 407 using INDOOR OTA gear only.