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usage based billing

  1. CRTC holding more hearings into Usage Based Billing (UBB)

    Industry News
    The CRTC has announced that it will hold public hearings starting July 11th as part of its now continuing review into wholesale residential high-speed Internet access services. The new proceedings, which will occur when many Canadians and Canadian politicians are on holidays, were announced...
  2. Shaw announces dates for customer feedback sessions on Usage Based Billing

    Industry News
    Shaw Communications Inc. announced this week that it will hold thirty-five customer consultations concerning Usage Based Billing in regions serviced by Shaw beginning next week. Last week, the company said it would review and delay the implementation of usage based billing until after the...
  3. Bell admits its internet usage meter is faulty

    Industry News
    Bell Canada admitted yesterday that its Personal Internet Tracker, the meter which tracks its retail customers internet usage and determines who much extra they must pay for exceeding their bandwidth cap, is faulty. The admission by Bell that it was overstating Internet usage for a portion of...
  4. Shaw to delay the implementation of Usage Based Billing

    Industry News
    In a press release issued today, Shaw Communications said it will delay the implementation of Usage Based Billing (UBB) on its Internet Service offerings until after the company conducted a series of customer consultations. In emails to customers over the last two months, the company has been...
  5. Bell rumoured to be raising Internet prices in May

    Industry News
    Corporate insiders tell Digital Home that Bell Canada is expected to increase the price of its Internet Service Packages by $3 per month effective May 1st. We've also been informed that an "Extreme usage" fee which will kick in after 300GB of usage will also be implemented. The fee is expected...
  6. UBB coming to cable internet too!

    Industry News
    In researching a story on Usage Based Billing (UBB) for my monthly column in the Globe and Mail technology section, I had the opportunity to pose a series of questions to various Internet Service providers. A representative of Rogers Cable has informed me that beginning in July, the company...
  7. Official: UBB coming to TekSavvy and Other Third Party Internet Access Providers

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    In researching a story on Usage Based Billing (UBB) for my monthly column in the Globe and Mail technology section, I had the opportunity to speak with a representative of Rogers Cable who has informed mee that Rogers will apply Usage Based Billing to Third Party Internet Access (TPIA)...
  8. Primus caps internet usage and raises rates

    Industry News
    Telecommunication and Internet service provider Primus Canada last week notified customers that, effective February 1st, 2011, the company will be increasing how much it charges for internet service and lowering bandwidth caps. In an email, the company informed customers, who previously had an...