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  1. Telus Mobility picks up speed in Atlantic Canada

    Industry News
    Telus Mobility has upgraded its wireless network to HSPA+ dual cell in Atlantic Canada, the company said today. The improvements in Eastern part of Canada are part of Telus' $1.8 billion plan to expand and improve service across the country. Telus' HSPA+ dual cell network is now available to 70...
  2. Telus Mobility tweaks its Early Upgrade program

    Industry News
    Telus Mobility today announced a tweak to its early upgrade program which applies to wireless subscribers that signed a contract after November 21, 2010. For customers who signed up after November 21, 2010, the EDUF will be $50 plus a remaining device balance which is displayed on the...
  3. Telus Mobility announces new upgrade program

    Industry News
    Perhaps in response to the increasing amount of competition in the wireless sector, Telus Mobility last week announced a new upgrade fees for wireless phone owners who want to get their hands on the latest wireless device before the end of their contract. In the past, Telus customers wishing...