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  1. Uber Ice Cream is Coming to Toronto on Friday, August 11th 2017

    Industry News
    If you're craving a cone, you can order one via the Uber app and get a chance for more this Friday. It’s summer and it’s hot in the city. If you’ve been dreaming of ice cream delivered to your front door without setting foot outside it, your day has come. On Friday, August 11th, 2017, Uber...
  2. Uber Movement is Opening Up Access to Traffic Data

    Industry News
    Driving from point 'A' to point 'B'? Not sure how long it will take? Uber Movement can help.   Uber has developed a new tool and is opening up its traffic data to interested users. The online resource, called ‘Uber Movement’, will offer users the ability to track driving travel times. Users...
  3. Carpooling App Netlift Offering Free Rides

    Industry News
    Are you in and around Montreal? In need of a lift? Let the carpooling app, Netlift, save the day. Netlift is currently offering free rides from October 24 th through to November 30 th to users in the Montreal area. Sound useful?  Sign up as a rider or driver with Netlift. You may find you...
  4. Uber Test Drives its Self-Driving Car in Pittsburgh

    Industry News
    Uber has said it is working to compete in the self-driving car game, and now they are finally revealing a bit of the evidence. According to, the ride sharing company has posted a photo of a hybrid Ford Fusion driving around Pittsburgh, near Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center...
  5. E-hail a Cab, Find Carsharing, and Compare Transit Fares With New All-In-One App, The Ride

    Industry News
    A Canadian company has launched a new app that gives cabbies access to the same technology that’s made Uber so popular. The Ride , an all-in-one taxi app, is now available in 35 Canadian cities and towns, allowing people to hail a cab electronically, and meet other transportation needs. “All...