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  1. Tivo Roamio OTA 1TB à vendre

    OTA en français
    Bonjour, Je ne sais pas s'il est possible d'afficher un article à vendre sur cette section française du forum, mais j'ai un Tivo 1TB avec seulement un an d'usure avec encore 3 ans de garantie transférable à vendre. Il fonctionne super bien et ça me fait un peu de peine à le vendre, mais où j'ai...
  2. TIVO Series 2 with Lifetime Subscription - $100 OBO

    Items for Sale
    My TIVO has been sitting in my condo for about 2 years now without being used as it is SD and we moved on to HD years ago. It has a lifetime subscription so there's no monthly fee. It's in perfect working order. Besides the interface which is second to none, the main advantage of a TIVO is that...
  3. Cogeco TiVo service

    Source: Quarterly Report PDF "Mid-fiscal 2015" means Cogeco should start rollouts before March 2015, if everything does on schedule. Since they've done this in their U.S. subsidiary, the timeline is probably realistic. TiVo guide PDFs Cogeco Tivo Welcome Guide 4053 kb Cogeco Tivo Service...
  4. TiVo / Cablecard and Cogeco - working (or maybe not)

    Just wondering if anyone has tried to use the TiVo Premeire with cogeco lately? I have the tivo premiere and I knew it worked with cable card for the regular cable and over the air. But I wanted to use it for all the cable channels I get so I looked into it and found finally a M-card Motorola...
  5. Battling Multipath when transmitters are angularly dispersed

    Antenna Research & Development
    Guys, I'd really appreciate it if you could make any suggestions on what to do for my multipath issue. I have transmitters due east of me (90° about 6 miles away), at about 140° (just south of southeast about 80 miles away across Lake Ontario), and about 190° (just west of due South about 30...
  6. Roger Cable and TiVo

    Rogers Cable TV
    Hello, I currently live in a building with analog Rogers cable. I have a TiVo (Series 2) running both tuners with analog - Works great and I love it. I am moving to a new building where I will need to set up my own cable... I want to keep my TiVo with just regular analog cable. Is this...
  7. Tivo with Bell IPTV ?

    Bell Fibe TV
    Has anyone had any success configuring a TIVO to use the IPTV service? As attractive as it looks, it is not enough to make me want to give up my Tivo machines. Delsdad
  8. Compton is first Canadian cable operator to offer TiVo HD DVR's

    Industry News
    Compton Communications, a small cable, internet and telephone services provider in the Port Perry and Uxbridge Ontario region, this week announced it will become the first cable operator in Canada to offer TiVo HD digital video recorders (DVR) to its customers. Known as the gold standard for...
  9. TiVo offers a New Way to Search & Discover Content

    Home Theatre Corner
    As CES today, TiVo unveiled a redesigned TiVo Search feature that it says offers users improved search results with a completely new High Definition design that is delivered via the internet. From press release
  10. Nero Liquid TV: TiVo for your PC

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    I will be posting articles today on this new product along with my thoughts. I had the opportunity to view it last week when representatives from Nero came and demonstrated it to me. Needless, to say I was impressed. It essentially was the TIVO interface and the cool thing was it could also...
  11. TiVo HD XL comes with 1TB hard drive

    Home Theatre Corner
    the TiVo HD XL. The new TiVo is a near twin of the existing TiVo HD, but for three changes: it's got a much larger 1 terabyte hard drive (enough capacity for 150 hours of HD programming); it's THX-certified; and it includes the premium TiVo backlit remote. The package costs $600--about the...
  12. TiVos for HD OTA in Canada

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    To record HDTV you're not going to get much on a single layer DVD (cheapest media). If you're going to use DL you might as well get a BDU subscription, because at current prices if you record a few one hour shows per week, you could almost get a HD PVR from a BDU. I'm hoping (fingers crossed...
  13. TIVO & Starchoice

    Shaw Direct Satellite
    Does anyone have a TIVO & a Starchoice satellite system? Does the combination have the full TIVO functionality, or is it quite limited (i.e. SeasonPass doesn't work, etc.)? Any experience on this would be greatly appreciated.