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this hour has 22 minutes

  1. CBC's This Hour has 22 Minutes returns for 19th Season

    Industry News
    CBC Television’s popular comedy show "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" returns for its 19th season on Tuesday, September 13 at 8:30 pm This season Shaun Majumder rejoins cast members Mark Critch, Geri Hall and Cathy Jones to satirize Canadian politics and daily events. Majumder had left the show last...
  2. Danny Williams appears on CBC's 22 Minutes for last time

    Industry News
    This Hour Has 22 Minutes, a weekly satirical Canadian television comedy that airs on CBC Television, will host Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams for the last time this week. The popular premier, who has led the province for over seven years, resigned his post last week and will step down as...