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  1. Industry News
    Telecommunications giant Bell Canada this week began notifying consumers that it is raising phone rates in the New Year. Effective January 1st, 2011, Bell will be increasing the cost of calling features by $2 per feature. Basic features such as Caller ID and Voice Mail will now cost homeowners...
  2. Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    I'm trying to get a modem before I move to Ontario in August so that I can expedite the process of getting service with Teksavvy. I was looking at the Siemens Gigaset SE568 and their website doesn't give many details. Teksavvy requires PPPoE & G.DMT support. I know it supports PPPoE, and I...
  3. Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    From DSLReports. It originally started when Teksavvy customers complained on the Teksavy support forum about being throttled, despite Teksavvy's policy of not throttling. Teksavvy has arranged a meeting with Bell. Interesting to see what happens.
21-23 of 23 Results