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  1. Index of BTV and DISH Installation Diagram's (Read This and Stickies first)

    Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    This post is just an index or summary of links for your specific installation needs. If you want to learn about the different parts of a dish look here. For most common Bell installations and Bell approved equipment look here for SW21 and here for SW44. For lnb's with built in switching...
  2. SW21, SW42 SW24 and SW34 Switches

    Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    The most basic and cheapest installation is using SW21 switches. It will combine one line from 91 and 82 together. Using 2 dual lnbs which has 2 lines at 91 and 2 lines at 82 will give you 2 lines combined with 2 SW21 switches. This will cover 2 tuners maximum. This is one of the most...