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  1. CRTC Rules U.S Ads be Shown During Canadian Super Bowl Broadcast

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    Earlier this month, the CRTC announced new rules that could allow Canadians to see U.S ads during the broadcasting of the Super Bowl. Canadian broadcasters have been swapping out the sought-after American ads, deemed by the CRTC to be “an integral element of the event” and replacing them with...
  2. Super Bowl Discussions

    What's On In Sports?
    I haven't been able to find a recent thread of this issue so I started a new one. Please post in correct forum if there is one. It was my understanding that the CRTC ruled some time ago that beginning next year, CTV could no longer simsub the American commercials and replace them with Canadian...
  3. Madonna will headline Super Bowl XLVI halftime show

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    The National Football League (NFL) announced today that Madonna will perform in the Super Bowl XLVI Halftime show which takes place Sunday, February 5th. Madonna's performance will be imagined by Cirque du Soleil and Jamie King. The league says the Super Bowl halftime show, which will be...
  4. Super Bowl XLV most watched program in U.S. broadcast history

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    According to preliminary results from ratings giant, The Nielsen Company, Sunday night’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLV on FOX was the most watched television show ever in the United States.
  5. Canadian Super Bowl XLIV audience peaked at over 8 million

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    Super Bowl XLIV was the most-watched Super Bowl ever in Canada with a record average audience of 6.7 million viewers in Canada on CTV (6.025 million) and RDS (650,000). Overnight data from BBM Canada has found that audiences peaked at 8 million viewers in the final minutes of the fourth quarter...
  6. Will I be able to see the Super Bowl with U.S. commercials?

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    In the weeks before the Super Bowl every year, Digital Home is deluged with readers asking whether they will be able to watch the big game with U.S. commercials. Unfortunately, thanks to the CRTC mandated practice of signal substitution or sim-subbing, the vast majority of Canadian cable and...
  7. Videotron to air Super Bowl XLIV in HD with US Ads

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    Videotron this week announced it would carry the CBS HD feed of Super Bowl XLIV, including U.S. commercials, on digital cable channel 653 this coming Sunday. The move by Quebec's largest cable company will be sure to please the many Canadian viewers who long to see U.S. commercials during the...
  8. Saints-Vikings thriller draws record television audiences

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    The NFC Championship Game on Sunday night game between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings was the most watched NFL playoff game ever (excluding the Super Bowl) in Canada. The Fox broadcast, which was simulcast on CTV in Canada, attracted an average of 2.6 million viewers. According...