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  1. Oakville: Multiple Items (Darbee Darblet, XBoxOne, Logitech Duet)

    Items for Sale
    Hi Guys, I've got a couple of sales coming up and this is the first which is comprised of the following home entertainment items from my home theatre: 1) Darbee Darblet Video Enhancer (DVP 5000) - $250 The Darblet has been lightly used with my projector and is in perfect condition. This...
  2. Logitech Squeezebox is no more

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Logitech is officially killing the Squeezebox line of products -- I'm pretty disappointed but not surprised. I have a Touch and a v3 right now and my wife and I really like them. Hopefully...
  3. Flash-based stream w/ Squeezebox Radio?

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Does anyone know if flash-based streams will play on a Logitech Squeezebox Radio? I would like to buy one for my wife but if she can't listen to CFNY in Toronto it will lose much of the appeal for her. Thanks in advance!
  4. NAS for media file serving - questions

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    I've got a PS3 and will soon be getting a Squeezebox. I'd like to have all my media files (music, video, photo) accessible on a NAS so I don't have to leave my computer on all the time. I'd also use it for the occasional torrent, printserving, and general shared file storage. All of the media...