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  1. What's On In Sports?
    In the United States as of today Speed Channel has converted to Fox Sport 1 and is no longer available. Fox has announced that Speed Channel will continue to broadcast in Canada using Fox Sports 1 auto racing coverage only.
  2. Rogers, Fido and Chatr Wireless
    Was thrilled to get this unit today and couldnt wait to get it set up and running. Of course one of the first tests is to do a test lol! I'm confused as to how my speedtests went however; when 3G only, my speeds ranged from about 2.5 to 1mbps download. When 3G+, my speeds declined...
  3. Home Computing
    Interesting article. All they did is take the 1.5TB drive and use the Seagate DOS disk utility to set the drive size to 300GB. The result is a drive much faster than the Western Digital Velociraptor. With the Seagate at just over half the price, this looks like it has potential. They even...
  4. Shaw High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    That's right! You too can enjoy the thrill of Shaw Xtreme-I Highspeed Internet rated at 10Mbps download with UP TO 1Mbps download and as an added no cost bonus, Shaw communications will give you Powerboost! This yields an added 5Mbps download RUSH for the first 10Mb of any file! Wait... Let us...
  5. Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    I am interested in what people pay for thier internet speeds Format: Download speed / Upload Speed (what your supposed to get) Your average speed (you can do a test at: Provider Type (Cable/DSL/Satellite/Dial Up/Line of Sight Service) What your company...
1-5 of 7 Results