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  1. Rogers High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    For the last few months, my internet connection has gone down and I have noticed that television stations between channels 2-12 are not coming in clear. I live in the Waterloo Region. I asked my co-workers if they noticed this and those have Rogers as their ISP and t.v. provider said that they...
  2. Rogers High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    Following Rogers launch of SpeedBoost, has anyone else been experiencing terrible evening d/l speeds? I subscribe to Express (10mb) and during non-peak times I see speeds approaching 40mb however during peak time in the evenings I am lucky to see 100 - 200kb. Of course when I complain they...
  3. Industry News
    Bell today released the NetGear MBR 1210 Turbo Hub, a high speed wireless hotpsot which allows up to 15 devices to connect to the internet via Bell Mobility's HSPA+ mobile network. To use, just plug the Hub into a power outlet and then connect your computer, smartphone, iPad or other device to...
1-3 of 3 Results