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  1. What's On In Sports?
    I wonder what this means for Canada then? Will we see games on: A) Fox Sports world Canada? B) Roger's Sportsnet? C) Setanta? Below from here: NEW YORK (AP) - Fox Soccer Channel beat out ESPN for right...
  2. What's On In Sports?
    We have three soccer channels and three general sports channels that often show soccer and the only coverage of the many World Cup qualifiers and friendlies on this date is GolTV showing Germany vs Norway and England vs. Spain on PPV. Even ESPN2 is showing Argentina vs France, so it is easily...
  3. What's On In Sports?
    Tuesday there will be four games on LIVE: Roma v Bordeaux TLN Chelsea v Cluj TSN W. Bremen v Inter TSN2 Liverpool v PSV Setanta What sport can beat that on a weekday?
21-23 of 23 Results