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  1. Industry News
    Today, Samsung unveiled the Gear S3, the company’s new smartwatch. Said to be inspired by traditional timepieces and “the art of watchmaking”, the Gear S3, which comes in two designs, classic and frontier, offers a smartwatch with many new features. The Gear S3 currently meets IP68 standards...
  2. Industry News
    Wearables-pieces of technology that you can wear- are on the rise and running. Built to enhance your life and make it healthier, and easier, they come in all shapes and sizes. Feel the need for one? Here are 5 top wearables of 2015, sourced from CNBC: 1) Smartwatches Apple Watch gets all...
  3. Industry News
    You have no doubt heard the buzz about smart watches and how they’re about to become the Next Big Thing. What do you think about the idea of wearing technology on your wrist? Let’s check out the ins and outs of smart watches so that you can decide whether looking at (and possibly talking to)...
1-3 of 3 Results