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  1. 5 Affordable Smartwatches to Keep You Connected for Less

    Industry News
    Want connectivity, fitness tracking, fashion and finesse on your wrist? Don't want to go hungry and lose your home for it? You've come to the right place. If investing in a smartwatch is something you consider to be for the rich and famous only, read on. The news is that you don’t have to get...
  2. Samsung Expands Smartwatch Portfolio with Gear S3

    Industry News
    Today, Samsung unveiled the Gear S3, the company’s new smartwatch. Said to be inspired by traditional timepieces and “the art of watchmaking”, the Gear S3, which comes in two designs, classic and frontier, offers a smartwatch with many new features. The Gear S3 currently meets IP68 standards...
  3. Fossil's Q Wander and Q Marshal Smartwatches Are Coming this Summer along with the Q Motion Activity Tracker

    Industry News
    Fossil Brand, the maker of fashion watches and wearables has announced their new line of smartwatches and an activity tracker that will be coming to consumers between early summer and fall, 2016. Q Wander and Q Marshal, powered by Android Wear, are Fossil’s newest smartwatches. Both items come...
  4. Fitbit’s Blaze Now Available For Pre-Sale

    Industry News
    Today, Fitbit announced the release of its new smart fitness watch, the Blaze . Seen as a rival to Apple Watch, the Fitbit Blaze is now available for presale and will be launching globally in retail stores this March. The stylish fitness watch, which allows users to track their all-day...
  5. 5 Top Wearables You Might Need

    Industry News
    Wearables-pieces of technology that you can wear- are on the rise and running. Built to enhance your life and make it healthier, and easier, they come in all shapes and sizes. Feel the need for one? Here are 5 top wearables of 2015, sourced from CNBC: 1) Smartwatches Apple Watch gets all...
  6. This High Tech Suitcase Charges Your Phone and Lets You Track It When It's Lost

    Industry News
    Want the next best thing in luggage? Want to be able to lock your suitcase, unlock it, track it when it’s not by your side, and use it to charge your phone when it is? You may be the perfect customer for Bluesmart. Bluesmart is a suitcase that is currently being developed by engineers and...
  7. Apple Watch Now Available for Pre-Order in Canada

    Industry News
    Apple’s new product, the Apple Watch, is now available for pre-order in Canada. The Apple Watch allows users to do things quickly that would normally be done on a mobile phone but in a more convenient and less obtrusive way, according to Apple. In doing so, the accessory uses new technology to...
  8. Motorola announces upcoming releases, new Moto X

    Industry News
    Motorola recently discussed the possibility of the additions of a Moto Smartwatch and a new Moto X at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Motorola did confirm that a smartwatch is currently in development but did not reveal any specific release plans or dates. Company...