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  1. 4 Top Smart Air Conditioners

    Industry News
    You can hit the start button before you get home, and walk into a pre-cooled entryway once you arrive. It's a small step for you but an amazing advancement for humanity. Nothing beats a cold blast of air conditioning on a sweltering day. Hopefully this summer won’t be as scorching as it was...
  2. The Best Smart Fans to Help You Keep Your Cool

    Industry News
    Cool down the whole house, the office or just your hot face on a bus, with these smart devices. The hot weather is here- at least for today- and more is sure to come soon. Many may be looking forward to cranking up the air conditioning, but if you don’t have any or you do but prefer to keep...
  3. New Brilliant Control Smart Home Panel Makes Home Automation Easier and More Affordable

    Industry News
    If you’ve been thinking of investing in smart home appliances and solutions, but you weren’t sure how you could control it all at home, check out this new invention. Brilliant Control is a smart home panel- or rather, a ‘smart lighting solution’- that’s been created by Brilliant, a new...
  4. Canadians Hunger for Smarter Homes as Technology Increases

    Industry News
    Connected smart home devices are well on their way to becoming as prevalent as smartphones and tablets according to a new study conducted by MARU/VCR&C*. The study, commissioned by TELUS, found a significant gap between those that believe smart home technology will benefit their lives (61 per...
  5. Wish You Could Open Your Door Without a Key? Telus Fibre Optics Brings High Tech Future Homes to Calgary

    Industry News
    Dreaming of your future home? If you live in Calgary, it could soon be a smart one. Telus, Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company, is currently building infrastructure to allow fibre optic networks to transform our idea of what a home is. Telus is doing this by putting...