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  1. 5 Things to Know About Google Assistant

    Industry News Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, Amazon has Alexa and now Google has “an assistant”. He or she has yet to be given a proper name, but Google Assistant is just as useful as those virtual assistants that already have one, if not more. What is it? Google Assistant is...
  2. Sony's New In-Car Audio Brings Smartphone Connectivity to Drivers

    Industry News
    This week, Sony Electronics announced the release of its new Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-compatible XAV-AX100 in-car audio system. The new system offers drivers a way to listen to all that’s on their phone safely in the car, through a top-quality sound system. The XAV-AX100 receiver offers...
  3. How to Stop Siri From Leaking Your Personal Data

    Industry News
    Is your iPhone Siri-enabled? Do you likely keep a lot of personal data on it, like your name, phone number, birth date, email, photo and address? According to a recent report on, even if your phone is locked- as most are these days-when enabled, Siri bypasses this and provides...
  4. Want More Viewing? New Apple TV Launches Today

    Industry News
    The all-new Apple TV is now available in Canada. Unlike the old version, the new TV streaming service features an iPhone-like app store that lets you choose your own streaming service, with the ability to customize the service with your favourites. It remains unclear whether viewers will be...