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  1. Is Roger Communications hypocritical when it comes to supporting Canadian culture?

    Industry News
    For those readers too young to remember, it was almost two decades ago that the Canadian government passed Bill C-103. A bill which imposed an 80% tax on advertisers who tried to geo-target a Canadian ad inside an American magazine. The purpose of Bill C-103 was to stop the popular American...
  2. Simulcasting: The killer of Canadian TV programming?

    Industry News
    According to recent BBM Nielsen reports, the top ten primetime shows in Canada in the 2009/2010 television season were American shows that had been rebroadcast on Canadian conventional television networks. Over the years, critics of the CRTC has complained that the lack of Canadian programming...
  3. Tops TV shows in Canada are all American

    Industry News
    The 2009 / 2010 television season in Canada is now complete and BBM Nielsen Media Research reports that the top ten most watched primetime shows in Canada were produced in the United States and rebroadcast in Canada. With the exception of Hockey Night in Canada, which ranked 19th overall, none...
  4. Videotron to air Super Bowl XLIV in HD with US Ads

    Industry News
    Videotron this week announced it would carry the CBS HD feed of Super Bowl XLIV, including U.S. commercials, on digital cable channel 653 this coming Sunday. The move by Quebec's largest cable company will be sure to please the many Canadian viewers who long to see U.S. commercials during the...
  5. American TV shows sweep Top 10 in Canada

    Industry News
    Despite hundreds of millions of dollars annually in government subsidies and handouts, not one Canadian made television show made it into the top ten this past fall season. BBM Canada reported this week that the top ten shows in Canada among adults 18-49 during the Fall 2009 television season...
  6. NFL: Tampa vs. Green Bay - Horrible Picture Quality: Fox, CTV or BellTV?

    What's On In Sports?
    Yesterday I was watching the TB vs. GB game and the picture was terrible! I was watching it on ExpressVu which was carrying the CTV simsub. So does anyone know, was this a bad FOX broadcast, a bad CTV simulcast or a BellTV problem? Thanks in advance (and please can we stick to a discussion of...