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  1. Shopify Becomes First Commerce Platform to Integrate with Facebook Messenger

    Industry News
    Shopify Inc . the leading cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses, announced earlier this month an integration with the new Messenger Platform. This allows merchants to provide live customer support, automatically send order confirmations...
  2. Canada’s New Retail Trend: Shopping on the Bus

    Industry News
    Love looking for the latest deals on your commute home from work? You’re not alone. A new study performed by PayPal Canada and Ipsos has revealed that up to 14% of people commuting with a connected phone shop while they are traveling on transit. PayPal obviously has a vested interest in doing...
  3. Launches Online Shop For Used Mobile Devices

    Industry News
    If you are having any trouble unloading your used smartphone or tablet, may be of service. Founded, developed and officially launched in Vancouver on Sept. 18th, allows sellers to list their devices for free, suggests a sales price based on manufacturer/model...
  4. Jaunt Inc. Acquires Competitor,

    Industry News
    Online travel group, Jaunt Inc. has acquired one of its biggest competitors, Jaunt, owned by Torstar Digital, has been in business for a year and has primarily focused on providing its 2.2 million email subscribers with value-packed travel experiences through its various...
  5. Mega eCommerce Portal, SHOP.CA to Launch in May

    Industry News is slated to be Canada's largest eCommerce website featuring millions of products from thousands of brands when it launches in May. Canadians will not have to pay duty, customs charges or experience return hassles and can immediately qualify for loyalty rewards with purchases and social...