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  1. Shaw subjected OutTV to a "unique disadvantage"

    Shaw Cable
    Following an April complaint by OUTtv, the CRTC said in a decision yesterday that Shaw Cable had improperly marketed the station and treated the station unfairly in a number of other issues, including notices of channel realignment, audits of subscriber information, and the offer of free...
  2. "The Frame" comes to Star Choice

    Shaw Direct Satellite
    "The Frame" a high definition television station which showcases fine art collections and award-winning photographs on your HDTV is coming to Star Choice. The station, which was first introduced by Shaw Communications on its Calgary cable systems in July, will be available this Thursday on...
  3. Shaw Questions

    Shaw Cable
    I have shaw digital and HD, just wondering when shaw is going to go all digital? It's kind of bugging me since just about every other provider is already 100% digital. The analog channels are BRUTAL!:mad: Anyone else know what kind of HD programming is going to be coming out as well? New...
  4. Shaw gets okay to distribute Big 10 Network

    Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    After eight months of waiting, the CRTC has given Shaw Communications approval to offer the Big Ten network (BTN) to its digital cable customers. This is just CRTC approval so actual distribution could take a while.
  5. Pace 775 - Has Shaw stopped selling them? - (No, just short supply)

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    Received this note in my email over the weekend. I also read on the Pace Buyers thread that a CSR told a member the same thing. I have posted this in a separate thread in order to give potential buyers the heads up and to confirm or deny.
  6. Shaw gobbles up Campbell River Cable System

    Shaw Cable
    The number of cable operators in Canada continues to decline after Shaw Communications Inc., Canada's second largest cable operator, announced today that it was set to acquire the Campbell River Cable System. CRTV had about 13,500 cable subs and 4,000 HSI subscribers.
  7. Shaw TV Guide Using Favourites

    Shaw Cable
    Hello all! (long time reader, first time poster) Is there any way to use the Channel Guide while having it default to a favourites list? I am trying to load my favourites list using the 'Guide' button rather than through the 'Settings' button. Thxs!
  8. Shaw offering free HDPVR?

    Shaw Cable
    Just wondering if anyone knows about Shaw offering any of their existing customer who qualifies for and considering taking Telus TV (not sure about satellite TV) getting a choice of (1) two free HD STBs, or (2) one free HD PVR. Apparently, you have to go to the Shaw office and show them your...
  9. Channel 66 is fuzzy in Calgary

    Shaw Cable
    why is channel 66 fuzzy on my digital box in Calgary?:cool:
  10. I want to use a splitter on tv #1 to get cable on tv #2

    Shaw Cable
    hey guys, i want to use a splitter on tv #1 in the bedroom to get cable on Tv #2, how do I do this? Thank You, Katman
  11. Shaw Torrent Throttling 30kb/sec

    Shaw High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    Sorry if this has been answered, I tried a bunch of searches with no results. For Shaw, I don't download many torrents, but the ones I do are say 1GB in size. Whereas I used to get upwards of 250kb/sec (high speed) I now get 30kb/second total as most of the rest of you are. Question: If I...
  12. Pace Tahoe (775D) HDPVR owners' thread

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    The word from a member is that the Pace Tahoe 775D launched today to a limited roll out of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, & Ontario. The intro price is $448 until May 31st and that next month non-all digital markets in AB and BC should get the Pace terminals in stock. If you bought one of these units...
  13. Shaw 2008 New Channels Discussion

    Shaw Cable
    New Channels always generate a lot of discussion so this thread is for discussing new channels in 2008. You're welcome to speculate and discuss new channels coming to Shaw in 2008 but PLEASE unless it's been confirmed by an official press release, be clear about what is speculation and what is...
  14. TVGOS in Canada

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    Anyone know what station is the host channel for TVGuide OnScreen in Ontario??
  15. Shaw�s DCT700 � In Depth Review

    Shaw Cable
    Shaw’s DCT700 – In Depth Review Shaw’s DCT700 – In Depth Review Photo gallery:[email protected]/sets/72157594457050448 After purchasing a new Toshiba 27” TV for the Lower Level of our house I wanted to get a Shaw DCT for down here. I didn’t need any PVR, HD or combo...