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  1. Corus Streaming - Global TV App

    Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    2020 Update - Corus has relaunched the Global TV App to include access to its specialty networks as well - discussion starts here. ---- Launching on iOS, Android and Web, Global Go offers Live TV streaming anywhere, anytime plus access to the full season of Canadians' favourite TV shows Global...
  2. Where to buy a portal power cable

    Shaw Gateway
    I would like to hot swap my shaw portal from TV to TV, and having a power cable at each location would make this a lot easier in my setup. Does anyone know the cable type or best place to purchase? monoprice?
  3. Shaw getting serious about IPTV?

    Shaw Cable
    I noticed these two interesting job postings while browsing Shaw's site today: Does this indicate Shaw is finally moving toward IPTV?
  4. Connecting Motorola DCT-6200 and Denon AVR-1312, no video. Firmware update?

    Home Theatre Corner
    Hello, So I am rewiring my dad's home theater to make it easier for him to use. Ideally, I want the video equipment (Blue-ray and the Shaw box) to connect to the Denon unit via HDMI, then have one HDMI out to the TV. The problem that is happening is no video is coming through, when the Motorola...
  5. Purchased 2 cable boxes from Futureshop - shaw wont activate

    Shaw Cable
    Hi I purchased 2 cable boxes from future shop - shaw said they have to be added into inventory and "moved from futureshops inventory" (some reps said that) - so they said no problem. .. they said that will take 24 hours - i a follow up - nothing - dropped calls - letters/unreturned calls...
  6. Using an IR Repeater with Shaw Gateway

    Home Theatre Corner
    Hi All, Haven't been able to get a clear understanding on using an IR Repeater with a (Gateway) Portal, hopefully someone can chime in with their experience. My Portal has an awkward placement which makes it a royal pain to change channels when sitting on one side of the room. I was hoping...
  7. Shaw Deploys Dalet’s MAM Platform

    Industry News
    Shaw Media has announced it has begun deployment of Dalet's Media Asset Management (MAM) to help control production, playout, and the distribution system at its Toronto facility. There are numerous tasks in the production process including editing, promo creation, captioning, version...
  8. Shaw Media Teams With Social Network Firm, GetGlue

    Industry News
    Shaw Media said it has formed an exclusive partnership with GetGlue, a leading social networking platform for entertainment in North America. Canadians will now be able to "check-in" to their favourite TV shows, including the season premiere of Top Chef Canada on Monday March 12 th at 10 PM...
  9. Shaw Home Phone and Buzzer

    Shaw High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    Hi there, I currently got Shaw home phone, the Shaw guy didn't interconnect the Apt Buzzer and shaw line onto one line; as Telus had originally done. Currently I have 2 outlets; one from the Shaw phone terminal, and 1 outlet in the wall where there are 2 lines interconnected (telus[no longer in...
  10. Food Network HD now on Shaw Direct

    Industry News
    The Food Network HD, a high definition version of the Canada digital specialty channel, is now available on Shaw Direct (formerly known as Star Choice). The station, which is a joint venture between Shaw Media and the Food Network in the U.S, will be on free preview to Shaw Direct through April...
  11. Shaw Communications revenues up 19% in recent quarter

    Industry News
    Shaw Communications Inc., the country’s largest cable television provider, today announced its financial results for the first fiscal quarter ending November 30, 2011. The company reported revenue for the three month period was $1.28 billion, up 19% over the same period last year. Operating...
  12. Shaw Direct now offering NBA League Pass

    Industry News
    Canada's number two Direct to Home (DTH) satellite broadcaster today announced that it is now offering the NBA League Pass programming package which offers basketball fans up to 100 NBA games each month. The package will cost current Shaw Direct subscribers an additional $5.06 per month for...
  13. Shaw Cable gives subscribers 15 more music channels

    Industry News
    Shaw Cable, Canada's largest cable television provider, said this week that it has added fifteen new Galaxie music channels to its digital cable line-up. The new channels, which are available now, have a focus on cultural music, with stations ranging from Bollywood Hits, to Arabic, to...
  14. Digital Forum members get a chance to win an iPad2 by testing Shaw's WiFi network

    Industry News
    As reported on Digital Home in early December, Shaw Communications has begun consumer trials of its broadband wireless network using WiFi technology in Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton. In order to test out and improve the quality of its new service, Shaw is asking Digital Forum members to try...
  15. Five HD channels added to the Shaw Cable line-up

    Industry News
    Shaw Communications announced this morning that it has added five new high definition channels to its Western Canadian line-up, Space HD, Discovery HD, Animal Planet HD, Bravo HD, and BNN HD. The five new channels will be on free preview until January 30th for all Shaw Digital HD customers...
  16. Shaw launches broadband WiFi network trial

    Industry News
    Shaw Communications today announced it has begun consumer trials of its broadband wireless network using WiFi technology. The company says Shaw High Speed Internet customers can trial the service at a limited number of locations, including malls, restaurants and fitness facilities, in...
  17. Fire log and Christmas music channels return to Shaw

    Industry News
    Shaw announced today the return of the Shaw Fire Log, back for its 25th holiday season, along with other holiday programming for cable and satellite television customers. In addition, Shaw has added Christmas music channels which are available on the Galaxie channels and online through the...
  18. Saturday Night Live arrives on Shaw VOD

    Industry News
    American late-night television sketch comedy and variety show Saturday Night Live (SNL) is now available on Shaw Video-on-demand (VOD). Shaw Cable becomes the first Canadian television provider to offer full seasons of Saturday Night Live commercial free on its VOD service. Saturday Night Live...
  19. Shaw Communications

    Industry News
    You forgot to mention that Shaw is now abusing it's power as a large mega conglormorate and is performing simsubs of American networks in areas it normally should not with Global because of its purchase of Canwest Global.
  20. Shaw announces WiFi network trial in Western Canada

    Industry News
    At the beginning of September, Shaw Communications announced that it had cancelled its plans to build a wireless network in Western Canada. In its place the company would build a broadband wireless network using WiFi technologies. Shaw today announced it will conduct a technical trial of the...