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  1. Shaw Mobile

    Shaw High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    Shaw has a new cell phone biz. Called Shaw Mobile, it seems distinct from Freedom. I am a light cell phone user, so I'd be interested only in the $0 per month plan (unlimited talk & text), with $10/GB data purchases every 90 days. That's around $3 per mo. I currently use Freedom and their...
  2. Viewers in Western Canada Can Watch Netflix on Shaw’s BlueSky TV With Simple Voice Commands

    Industry News
    You no longer have to source your shows on multiple platforms to get all the episodes you want. Do you love binge-watching your shows? The weekend is here, and many viewers will be tuning into subscription-based services like Netflix. But sometimes all the episodes you’re searching for aren’t...
  3. 4 Best Satellite and Internet TV Packages Now in Ontario

    Industry News
    Satellite TV can give you the choice you want at a reasonable price. Ontario: it’s the land of Niagara Falls, beaches on the Great Lakes, high-priced cell phone contracts and lots of TV. And when it comes to your viewing pleasure, we all know it’s about having choice. You’re not going to watch...
  4. Shaw BlueCurve TV Hardware Information

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    For those looking for hardware specifics on BlueSky TV here is the support landing page: BlueSky TV Box - Also known as XG1v3 "RDK" Connections HDMI Out Yes Mini-HDMI No DVI No Component No Composite Yes S-Video No Coaxial (out) Disabled RCA Audio Yes...
  5. Homeland, Married with Children, Humans and 4 Other Shows are Coming to shomi this June

    Industry News
    Shomi, Rogers'/Shaw's subscription video on demand service already has more than 11,000 hours worth of television programs available for viewers in its library. 8 more titles are now coming to viewers this June, just in time for summertime enjoyment. Humans, described by critic John Doyle of...
  6. Crave TV is Now Available to all Canadians with Internet

    Industry News
    Crave TV , Bell Media’s pay television video on demand service is now available to all Canadians with Internet service. It’s a low-cost deal coming in at $7.99 a month to subscribe, with a one month free trial currently available for new users. TV customers that already have service with Bell...
  7. SHOMI streaming service (shut down Nov. 30, 2016)

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    Please use this thread to discuss the shomi streaming service, which is now available to all Canadians. The previous thread in the TV Providers forum discussing the initial "beta" launch to Rogers and Shaw customers is now closed to new comments, but is still available for viewing...
  8. WIND Adds Major Network Improvements to Greater Vancouver Area

    Industry News
    This week, WIND Mobile, which has just been taken over by Shaw media, announced new network improvements will be arriving in the Greater Vancouver Area. According to WIND, “New, more powerful equipment along with recently acquired new wireless spectrum will provide noticeably better service...
  9. Shomi Will Be Available to All Canadians Starting This Summer

    Industry News
    Well, it’s official – Shomi, Rogers and Shaw’s joint venture streaming service, will soon be available across the country. Shomi was first launched in November in beta form for Rogers and Shaw internet and cable customers. "The beta has been a huge success and we're excited to now bring it...
  10. Loosing Internet connection shaw

    Shaw High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    It does not matter if I am using a direct connection on my computer, or wireless on my tablet,phone or Smart TV I am loosing Internet connection. My icons show I am connected without any errors showing. When I troubleshoot the problem it comes back and says modem has lost connectivity and to...
  11. SVOD service Shomi launches today across Canada

    Industry News
    Rogers and Shaw are today launching their much-talked-about joint venture subscription video streaming service, Shomi. Currently, Shomi is only available in a beta trial to Rogers and Shaw internet or cable customers. It will be widely released to the Canadian general public at a later date...
  12. Bell dish and lnb?

    Shaw Direct Satellite
    Is it possible to use my existing bell dishes and lnb for shaw satellite? Obviously the reciever and programming would have to come from Shaw, but I already have two perfectly useable dishes on my garage roof, and the cabling to connect them. ADVthanksANCE for your insights!
  13. Rogers, Shaw lose over 200,000 cable customers in past year

    Industry News
    More and more Canadians are moving away from traditional cable TV subscriptions, according to a new report. Rogers and Shaw both released their quarterly earnings reports last week, and the news is pretty grim: between the two of them, they’ve shed almost 200,000 cable subscribers in the past...
  14. shomi strikes programming deal with FX, Fox

    Industry News
    by Christina Peden The competition for your streaming dollars just got a little stiffer today. shomi, the Rogers-Shaw joint venture into subscription video-on-demand, announced that they have reached a deal with Twentieth Century Fox to secure the programming rights to past seasons of FX...
  15. Shaw Gateway: I can not reprogram remote for new TV

    Shaw Gateway
    I try to program the remote for my Samsung and I hold the MENU + OK for 10 seconds +, but never get the 2 light blinks from the power button. When I let go, it gives me 5 blinks. Dear Internet, Please help. Do not tell me to get a Logitech, because my setup is just the TV and portal.
  16. Rogers and Shaw to launch Netflix competitor Shomi

    Industry News
    by Christina Peden Rogers and Shaw announced a new joint venture this week in a bid to compete with popular streaming service Netflix. Shomi, a new video-on-demand service, is set to launch Canada-wide in the first week of November with a subscription price of $8.99, putting it in line...
  17. Global News 1: Shaw applies for Cat "C" National/ Local News Channel

    Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    It looks like they want Global BC News 1 to go coast to coast.
  18. No Dolby Digital 5.1 on Certain Channels

    Shaw Gateway
    I'm copy / pasting this from a thread I started on Shaw's community forum to see if I can get more input. The thread is located here:
  19. Streaming Netflix etc to my TV

    Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    I am going to buy a Samsung series 6300 TV with smarthub. I have Shaw high speed internet with wifi about 20 ft away and will put in a Shaw Gateway system. I would like to know if I can simply stream Netflix or whatever to the TV without any other equipment. I have read reviews, some find doing...
  20. Corus TV streaming services - Global Go,etc.

    Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    Launching on iOS, Android and Web, Global Go offers Live TV streaming anywhere, anytime plus access to the full season of Canadians' favourite TV shows Global the First Canadian Conventional Broadcaster to Offer In-Season Episode Stacking Shaw Media today announced that as of tomorrow...